Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally Up & Running

Camille will be glad to know that I wasn't ignoring her emails about getting on here and getting our blog set up. Just a bit busy with work and getting ready for school. My first day of nursing school is Monday, and I am still reeling from writing out a check for $1100 worth of books (donations welcome). My last day of work was supposed to be Friday, but due to the unexpected departure of several staff members, I have been asked to stay on part time until Christmas. The money will come in handy to cover aforementioned school expenses, but I will have to see how my newly turned 49 year old body handles the tight schedule. Time will tell, I'm sure. I currently have no calling, due in part to the fact that our ward is the size of a small city, and partly to my somewhat spotty attendance over the past 2 years. I asked the Bishop if going to church only twice a month makes me inactive, and he said no, so my guilt-o-meter isn't beeping too loud, but I am committed to getting back in the swing of things. If not having a calling is the Lord's way of testing my devoutness, I could be in trouble.

Robert is driving a truck for a topsoil company which is owned by some people in our ward. He seems to enjoy doing it, and anything is better than selling cars. Since his heart surgery 3 1/2 years ago, Robert has actually started regressing in age. He is in better shape and looks younger than he did 10 years ago. I, on the other hand, look 10 years older than I am.

Let see...some family updates would probably be good. Jacob and Leilani are living in Bellingham, WA with their two cats Smootchie and Pootchie (don't ask) while Jacob works on his bachelor's in Computer Science. They are expecting their first baby, Mara, in late October. We are very excited about the new grandbaby and I will be heading up there for the delivery. Jacob is going to school and working, and Leilani will be taking maternity leave from her job at a boat part manufacturer. Once she goes back to work, they hope to juggle their schedules to make sure one of them is at home with little Mara. Jacob is a counselor in the Elder's Quorum presidency, and unfortunately I can't remember what Lei's calling is.

Micah and Andrew are living here in Poulsbo with their fat cat Charlie until December, when they will be moving to Bellingham for Andrew to attend school. Andrew is currently driving a truck and Micah works at a private adoption agency. She's having a hard time leaving a job she really loves, but hopefully she will find something in Bellingham equally as rewarding. No tears from Andrew about leaving his trucking job. No grandbabies on the horizon yet from these guys, but probably sometime next year (according to Micah). Micah loves working on crafts like quilting and card making. Andrew is involved in a mad passionate love affair with his motorcycle. Micah and Andrew were recently released from their calling a nursery workers, which they really enjoyed. I personally consider my time spent in the nursery as penance for some terrible sin I must have committed, a calling I rate right up there with Activity Committee Chairman.

Annah and Ben have had a very busy two years of marriage, what with Annah in the hospital for the 2 months before Millie was born, Millie's 3 week stay in the NICU, Annah's ovarian tumor and Chase's early arrival and 2 week stay in the NICU. Needless to say, there have been a few bumps along the way. Ben works at the Naval Ship Yard in Bremerton and is in the shipfitter apprentice program. He spends his days crawling all over the huge ships and I think the submarines as well. Thank goodness he has great insurance benefits. Annah has Millie - 18 months, and Chase - 4 months to keep up with which is more than a full time job. As so often happens with preemies, Millie only starting sleeping through the night a couple of months ago, just after Chase was born, so Annah hasn't actually had a full nights sleep in almost 2 years. Gee, I remember those days. Even though Chase was 4 weeks early, he is a fast growing boy. Millie weighs 23 pounds and Chase weighs 17 pounds, so we believe before too long, people will think they're twins. Ben jokes that he wants to hold Millie back a year, so that she and Chase will be in the same grade and he can look out for her. I personally believe that Millie will be fully capable of taking care of herself as she is very smart and very determined. We call her our little monkey. Robert is only speaking in Spanish to Millie and she is very quickly becoming bilingual. She clearly understands both languages and is speaking in both languages, as well. Chase is the smiliest little baby I've ever seen. His cute factor rises daily.

Everyone will probably get sick of my grandkid stories, but too bad, I can't help myself. I do believe that I am the only only one producing any grandchildren at this time, so some of the rest of you might want to step up your game :) I will close my first blog with some photos of my little sweeties.

Millie Willie

Mister Chunkers

Double Trouble